Taking your mobile app ideas from concept to delivery with our in-house core development team.
We provide webpage development mainly based on CMS systems.
With these you can involve the social community, develop brand awareness, engage existing and attract new customers.
We can help you to create ‘Citylight’ and billboard posters, issues (business cards, offline - documents and webpages/mobile apps).
We help you build up on your original mobile concept in order to create a stunning user friendly app.
We help you create a business model around your application.



E-Beeze has successfully created a green business process that cuts costs and reduces data processing time. The only app  that allows you to instantly create dynamic forms.


E-Beeze consultant(s) have successfully delivered various regulatory/compliance projects, systems and solutions on a global scale.


E-Beeze staff contributed to the development, design and implementation of payment systems and processes for iPSL client organisations (including Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC and Post Office).

Salsa Spogger

The first app that provides the most up to date interactive list of salsa clubs, congresses and events on a global scale. Simply a must have for promoters.


The implementation of forest management systems including the deployment in tropical rainforest regions across the globe (Indonasia, Bolivia, Jakarta, Peru).


Initial web hosting creation and web site support for CCP-UK in their early years as a start-up.  Collaborated with CCP on the British Library project.

London 2012 Spogger

The E-Beeze team created an interactive, multilingual app that brought the London 2012 Olympic games to life for spectators.

British Library

E-Beeze provided the technical solution and hosting for the British Library’s online security survey and supported consultants with the analysis and presentation of results.


Project management delivery of the communications solution as well as consulting and support with the appointment of the first UK policyholder advocate for the distribution of inherited estates.

London 2012 Para-Spogger

Building on the London 2012 Spogger app, Para-Spogger ensured the Paralympic games was enjoyed by millions across the globe.


An example of one of many E-beeze Interactive website solutions and content management systems (CMS) allowing non-technical users to fully manage websites cost effectively.


As part of celebrating the London 2012 games E-Beeze created an interactive campaign and content management system that integrated to the London 2012 Spogger app.

Web shops

We can extend your services on the digital platforms and maintain your online presence 24/7.

Event Directory App

These apps are useful when you have a major conference, or your company is dealing with time-to-time and recurring events.

Viral Facebook App

With these apps, you can involve the social community, develop brand awareness, engage existing customers and attract new ones.


We have vast experience with different CMS systems and can easily synchronise any blog with mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Form Apps

E-beeze has a framework to replicate any form you use and make it available digitally.