New Apps Development Consultancy

Whenever you want to design and create your own application to service your customers or your companies’ needs, we are here to assist you from the outset to the point of submission.

What we do is guide you, build on your original idea, and by using coaching techniques and asking questions, formulate suggestions together to enhance the application.

We help you build on your original mobile concept in order to create a stunning user-friendly app.

Web shops

We can extend your services on the digital platforms and maintain your online presence 24/7.

Event Directory App

These apps are useful when you have a major conference, or your company is dealing with time-to-time and recurring events.

Viral Facebook App

With these apps, you can involve the social community, develop brand awareness, engage existing customers and attract new ones.


We have vast experience with different CMS systems and can easily synchronise any blog with mobile apps on multiple platforms.

Form Apps

E-beeze has a framework to replicate any form you use and make it available digitally.